HoME u have just stumbled upon mai very first personal page,it seems nuthin much here coz i'm still pretty amateur at all this html crep,but eventurally i'll try my best to figure it out ha!
Be sure to sign my guest bookie to give me support ar!
naME:SmacKy Tang,usually my close friends'd call
me 'SHaN',and so can U!
seX:just guess...hints:mai 23rd pair of genes
having the code of 'XX"....so....
D.O.B:27/01 *Aquarius*
aGe:in fact,i'm suffering from an aging problem ha
20 getting to be 21 getting....30,40,60...dead
Ethnicity:Chinese(not da brave one!)
LoCatioN:Hong Kong
Speak:Cantonese,english,Bit of Japanese,chinese
Education:Unversity of Hong Kong
OccupaTioN:Hong Kong Jockey Club,(part time waitess)
Hobbies:clubbin,karaoke,shoppin,music,on line,films,swimming,viedo Games
faMilY:mum,dad,gradma,y bro,mai cutie doggies-faFA
ColoR:light pink,light blue,silver,black
PeepS:cute,always with big smile on da
face,sincere,with darkskin,sportive,
energetic,knowledgeable without
showing off.
FooD:Hot and spicy food,seafood,jap food,
ToFu,Iced Tea!!!yeahhh!!!!
My daD,(i find he's a great man especially
from my friend recently!!)
pimples!!!!!gettin fat!!!!
Color:yellow,deep color,brown
PeepS:greedy,too horny,troblesome,nuthin inside
but always think tat they r the champion
of the world,discriminate others...
the world
IcQ:38758380,add me la!
EmaiL:[email protected]
AbOut mEEh
To mai Friends! Jeff,we shared a lot of memories,and I'm so grateful for each day tat we were together,Just know tat you'll always be in my heart!Miss ya man!
Heidi,u r the kidest person i've ever met!u know u r really so nice and cute!i'm really happy to know u,thz for sharing those happiness and sadness moment with meeh!
Gloria,just forget those sadness pass,everything's gonna change,and remember tat i'm always be there for U!

Tin,Andy,Kit,Feddy,Bon,Sammuel...all of u r my best boyz-fanz i've ever know!i really enjoy clubbin with u guys!thz for all of ur cares when i came across any sadness and difficulties,u guys r really cute and special,hope we'll all good!
carrie and crab(samuel),u 2 make a very good and match couple,both of u 2 r very kind and happy people,gotta treasure each other ha!
cuteie gurls!we've been very best friends for about 6-7 years la!all u r really the kind of 'best friend' in my very first days!i luv the school days and those stupid sweet camps we went together,also the silly arguments we had!i wish we can be best friends for our whole life through!
both of u 2 are very very good guyz,thz for those 'protection',cares u gave meeh,i like u guys very much ha!and thz for finding job for meeh,sam
colin,although we've just known each other for a very short while,but it seems tat we've been together for a couples of years already!u know u r a very cute and intelligent guy ha?hope u can get an engineer job soon,thz for bringing meeh to those great game centres!cooooool ha!
both of u 2 r very knowledgeable persons!i admire u so much!thz for teaching me so much things and those great advice u gave meeh!i really can't stand straight without u 2!i luv u two!
here,to all the peeps who used to gave me support and cares,best friends or just friends,you have my undying loveand support,as i hope you will for meeh.Much love to you all!!!

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